Single Moms Raising Boys

Can Single Mothers Raise Young Boys To Be Successful Men?



Single mothers have been shown to raise boys with strong character traits, even without their fathers in the home.

 According to the National Institute of Mental Health, boys raised by single mothers are more likely to develop a greater sense of self-efficacy, meaning they are more likely to be able to handle difficult situations. This is likely because these boys learn to rely on themselves and don’t feel as dependent on others. Overall, the findings of this study suggest that single mothers can provide a good environment for their boys, even when they are struggling. 

 Single mothers can provide a strong sense of masculinity to their sons.

We often must be strong and independent, and our children learn this from us. This can help them develop a strong sense of self-confidence and make them more likely to succeed in life.

 Single mothers can provide a positive role model for their sons.

There are many single mothers who can be role models for their son. They may have experienced some of the same things their son has, or they may have been through a more difficult experience. Sons can benefit from knowing that there are people out there who have gone through similar experiences, and who are also striving to make a better life for themselves.

Single Mom Doing It All Alone and Thriving!

 I am a single mom raising three sons without a husband. I am determined to provide them with a good life and refuse to let any excuse get in my way. I’m learning how to be a better cook, take care of their needs, and more. I can do this even though I’m always working on my businesses, because I am willing to put in the extra effort. My desire is to be an example to all single mothers by showing them that it is possible to have a successful life as a single mother without a husband.


                                                                                                        -Aleisha Kelly

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