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At 3 Kool Kings, we craft literature that truly resonates with the experiences and viewpoints of black boys. Our collection includes self-guided journals and affirmation cards that explore a range of essential topics like financial literacy, culture, and self-esteem.

We're firm believers that every child deserves to read books that represent and celebrate their identity. With our literature, we strive to create relatable characters and engaging narratives that mirror the lives of black boys. Our aim is to empower them by showcasing the significance of their stories and experiences.


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Order Now: 'Do I Have To Spend My Own Money?' -Our latest release!

"Do I Have To Spend My Own Money?" is a heartwarming children's book that follows the story of Isaiah, a young boy who wants to make a major purchase from his favorite store. However, when his mom advises him to save up and use his own money, Isaiah becomes alarmed and starts to question the value of money.

As he embarks on a journey to save up enough money to make his purchase, Isaiah learns the importance of saving, budgeting and making wise financial decisions. Along the way, he also discovers the joys of delayed gratification and the satisfaction that comes with working hard to achieve a goal.

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Meet The Author

Meet Aleisha Marie Kelly: a devoted Christian, a single mother raising three wonderful sons, and a driven entrepreneur. Her passion lies in crafting children's books that not only mirror her own experiences but also encourage children to unleash their true potential.

With her captivating writing style, Aleisha creates stories that reflect the diverse lives of her children and instill a sense of purpose in young readers. Her books are a true reflection of her commitment to inspire and motivate children to become the best version of themselves.

King Trainee Daily Affirmation Cards

Positive affirmations help kids to gain confidence, contribute to a growth mindset, and help kids to truly believe in themselves.The King Trainee Affirmation Deck was created to empower young boys of color so that they can see a positive representation of them. 

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